The Anago Plan

Our Columbus Cleaners Are Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Anago of Greater Columbus sets the standard for cleaning companies in the area and with good reason. Since 2005, few janitorial firms have offered the wealth of custodial services that we do. When you begin commercial cleaning services with Anago, we’ll devise a customized schedule and tailored cleaning plan to address your needs. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Our Columbus commercial cleaners can clean your facility 1-7 days per week and our services are available 365 days a year. Our team is ready to serve you early in the morning before your business day begins, during the day when facilities are open, or late in the evening or over the weekend. To ensure that all of your cleaning needs are met, our professional cleaners will fill out a communication log, entailing all work completed during their visit.

Advanced Methods and Techniques

We use innovative cleaning techniques, constantly testing new methods and improving our systems. Through regular seminars and vendor updates, our professionals stay current on the latest cleaning techniques and products and use state-of-the-art equipment.


Anago clients receive the Smart Clean™ cleaning system and benefit from this patented system used by our cleaners that guarantees your facility is cleaned in a systematic, methodical manner every single time. This proprietary system was developed at Anago and is based on our 5-Step/10-Step office and restroom cleaning method. And, to ensure that our cleaning service is the best in the industry, only commercial grade chemicals—including green chemicals—and equipment are used on each job.

Green Cleaning

You deserve an environmentally safe facility. We use professional equipment, approved dispensing systems, microfiber products, and recyclable containers to eliminate bacterial transfer and to help protect the environment for the increased safety of your employees, visitors, and ourselves.

Customized Work Schedule

In order to serve you better, we get to know you and your business. The partnership that results allows us to customize and tailor our cleaning schedules to meet your unique needs, challenges, and budget. We then optimize our cleaning services via a customized work schedule and accompanying checklist to not only keep within our agreed timeline for cleanings but to be sure that perfect clean results every single time.

Communications Log

Because most of our cleanings are done during your off-hours, and most commonly at night, you will rarely see your cleaner. In order to bridge the gap and make sure that there is an open line of communication, we maintain a detailed Communications Follow-Up Log, describing the situation in question and the follow-up that transpired. When used properly, this is an invaluable communication tool between you and your Anago team. This is also used to report all maintenance issues discovered by our cleaning team.

Security Protection

Our cleaners will wear black Anago uniform shirts when they come to service your facility. Anago’s nightly checklist (The Third Pass) provides final checks to ensure the building is properly secured, all lights are turned off upon completion of duties, and you are kept in the loop. Our insured and bonded cleaners at Anago are proud to provide thorough cleaning services that ensure you are taken care of at every turn.

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